DETROIT (WWJ) – The cold and rainy weather was perfect for thousands of volunteers patrolling Detroit’s streets on this Angels’ Night.

img 1063 Rain, Cold And Relative Quiet Greet Angels Night Volunteers

Volunteering is a family affair. (Sandra McNeill)

To help prevent devilish behavior like setting buildings and houses on fire.

The mayor is hoping this tradition will come to an end one day.

“I don’t think this is something we want to continue to do, and get all kinds of media coverage because of it,” said Bing. “We need to get this behind us and start rebuilding the city as opposed to thinking about tearing anything down.”

For the volunteers though, the cold and rain make it a little more uncomfortable to patrol this year.

Tamika Green is volunteering inside the Butzel Community Center — after patrolling the streets last night. “It was very cold last night, I got sick too – my body is aching. But it was worth it,” she said.

(There) was no trouble last night it was too cold to steal said Green. “I can guarantee you.”

Paul Evans lives on the east side of Detroit – he volunteers because he wants to see the neighborhoods come alive again.

“I want homes built here, I want to see them come back. They have been gone since the riots …’67,” said Evans. “I want to see them come back.”

City officials will release final numbers on the three-day Angels Night campaign after Halloween is over.

Angels Night volunteers can pick up free hamburgers and drinks at any White Castle restaurant during the three-day Angels Night campaign.


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