ANCHOR BAY, Mich. (WWJ) – On an ordinary summer day, boarders find pleasure in surfing on water with a good burst of wind.

But in winds like Southeast Michigan saw this week, people who play on the water would usually head for shore. However, the extreme weather drew a few daredevils to the water.

It wasn’t summertime weather but that didn’t stop wind surfer Jerry Soyer from Westland from enjoying Lake St. Clair on a windy Tuesday.

“I’m going to be wind surfing. He’s out there kite boarding,” Soyer told WWJ’s Mike Campbell. “I quit (wind surfing) yesterday and I want to pick up right where I left off yesterday.”

Bill Shear from Macomb Township told Campbell that he see some big jumps while he goes out kite boarding.

“Good winds, good times,” Shear said.

Indeed when the wind filled his kite he was maybe 20 feet in the air before he slammed back down to the water and when he was done he said it was worth it.

He said if he does it right he’ll be high up in the air as the kite lifts him up and when he came back in indeed he said he would.

How high did he get going up in the air?

“I probably went about 20 feet today,” Shear said. “The gusts are pretty unpredictable. Sometimes you get out, you go up on the 40 mile an hour wind and then you come down on the 20s. It was worth the ride.”


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