2 Detroit Men Put Their Own Spin On Angels’ Night Safety

DETROIT (WWJ) – Harry Arnold and his friend Jerome Satterwhite are flying three remote control helicopters over the city that they made themselves in an effort to help out during the days leading up to Halloween in the city.

Arnold says they got the parts at a hobby shop and are made of carbon fiber, batteries, motors and propellers.

The two friends describe themselves as full-fledged nerds.

Arnold said their three choppers are equipped with cameras that transmit back pictures to their truck parked at the Butzel Community Center.

“It also has a transmitter on it that sends a signal from what the camera is seeing to a TV screen on the ground, a monitor,” he describes.

They tell WWJ’s Sandra McNeill that they are flying it over the neighborhood about a half mile out in a circle around the neighborhood.

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Jerome Satterwhite and Harry Arnold.

The choppers are equipped with colorful lights that make them almost look like a mini UFO because Arnold wants them to be seen.

“If people have half a thought that there is a possibility there are drones flying overhead observing the area they are not going to be as willing to go out and do stupid stuff,” Arnold said.

“It’s no use sitting around and complaining about Dave Bing or Fire Chief Austin if we’re not going to do anything to keep our own neighborhoods (safe). They are our neighborhoods and if you don’t want to live next to … burned out hulks of houses, you have to be on the lookout for people burning them down.” he said.

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