By: Khang Huynh

Great pitching. The Giants starters, bullpen and closer were amazing in this series. You can say the Tiger bats were cold but and maybe the layoff hurt but you must give the Giants pitching staff credit. The Tigers scored only 6 runs in 4 games!

Great defense. The rare times the Tigers were able to get good contact on the ball or even try to catch a break on tricky play the Giants would come up with defensive gems. Besides always making the routine plays the Giants defense were always able to make the spectacular play to stop an inning from ever starting.

Lastly, Timely hitting. Other than Pablo Sandoval’s homerun explosion in game 1 the Giants weren’t really tearing the ball off the cover either. The Tigers pitching staff pitched well enough to give them a chance to win but the bats never woke up. On the other hand the Giants came up with clutch hit after clutch hit and trailed only once the entire series. Whether it was a triple or an infield single the Giants bats came through when needed the most.


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