Canadian Mystery Cat Somehow Crosses Detroit River

DETROIT (WWJ) How do you cross the Detroit-Windsor border without a passport or photo ID?

Gus Gus knows, but his lips are sealed.

The world traveling three-year-old kitty disappeared in Kingsville, Ontario, a year ago and turned up this weekend in a family’s Northville backyard, according to the Michigan Humane Society.

The family brought him to a veterinarian to have him checked out and his identity was discovered through a microchip.

Odds are he didn’t swim the Detroit River.

“Chances are, maybe this cat got on the back of a truck, headed across the bridge, the cat got out and the rest is history,” said Humane Society spokesman Kevin Hatman.

His grateful family, who thought he had been eaten by a coyote, has dubbed him the “International Cat of Mystery.”

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