DETROIT (97.1 The Ticket) In his weekly interview with Karsch and Anderson on 97.1 The Ticket, Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said he isn’t “worried about the playoffs.”

“We’re not trying to make the playoffs,” Schwartz said. “We’re trying to beat the Green Bay Packers … It’s easy to get ahead of yourself … We can’t be thinking about the playoffs. I can’t be thinking about the Thanksgiving game. I have to be thinking about the Green Bay Packers.”

He added he’s looking forward to playing back at Ford Field this week and enjoying hometown fans.

Schwartz is focused on one game at a time in the future, but how about the past? Schwartz was asked about  Lions’ DT Ndamukong Suh having one his best games as a Lions player in the last game.

“There was no question he played very, very well,” Schwartz said. “There is nobody that can look at the tape and say anything else, if so they have a different agenda than what the truth is … He (Suh) got a lot of pressure … He forced a lot of double teams.”

He went on to say Suh has played “very, very consistent all season.”

He didn’t limit the praise to Suh, adding that “Nick Fairley played very very well on the inside.”

But Schwartz can’t be all work and no play — so, what does he do in the off-season when there’s no football?

“I catch a few of those HBO series,” Schwartz said. “Every once in awhile I will pull out ‘Boardwalk Empire’ or one of those, but that’s about it.”


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