Wednesday Watchers: ‘Goofy, Goofy Week’

DETROIT (97.1 The Ticket) Last week’s Wednesday Watchers predictions by Mike Valenti and Terry Foster were 2-3 — a resounding “eh” — and they’re hoping to do better this time around.

“This week we’re either going to  have a great week or we’re going to get killed — this is a goofy, goofy week of college football,” Valenti said. “This is a week where a lot of good teams aren’t even playing Division 1 opponents.”

Valenti predicted: “A blow-out Saturday, I think there are some games that are just going to get ugly.”

Here goes this week:

*Oklahoma -10 as they take on West Virginia; “It is just clear that West Virginia early in the year played the right match-ups … Oklahoma not nearly as good as I thought they would be,” Valenti said. Look for Blake Bell to be a touchdown machine.

*Nebraska -20 against Minnesota; “It’s clear the Big 10 wants Nebraska in the Rose Bowl,” Valenti said. Minnesota is Bowl eligible, but Nebraska has one goal: Get to Indianapolis. “I just don’t see Minnesota matching up in this game,” Valenti added.

*USC -4 against UCLA; “This is one where USC doesn’t have anything left in the conference except to pound … As far as their goals, they’re all gone — This is what they have to play for, this is the deal,” Valenti said. “I think USC probably gets up for this game, there’s a good shot USC gives you a good performance here.”

*Oregon +20 against Stanford. “The way Oregon is rolling … the amount of touchdowns they score,” Valenti said. “It’s just not a game (Stanford can win.) I would be surprised at this point if Oregon wasn’t in a national title game.”

*Michigan State -6.5 against Northwestern; “I think State will win,” Valenti said, adding Northwestern is coming off a heartbreaking loss, and Michigan State isn’t going to lose another home game.

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