By: Matt Dery

Q: Will Kyle Singler stay in the starting lineup for tomorrow night vs. Orlando?

A: I give the beat writers credit last night; they asked Lawrence Frank that question not once but twice. Singler was terrific against the Sixers, pouring in 16 pts and really adding a positive vibe that the team has desperately needed. He is only a rookie and, to be honest, is not your prototypical 2 man, but, the kid can play. He needs to play.

Q: What does this mean for Rodney Stuckey?

A: Rodney makes 8 million dollars a year. Rodney has not performed well at all so far in 2012-2013. I cannot figure him out. I’ve tried. I’ve talked to him numerous times and he says he has a great attitude and is happy here. I just go by the eye test sometimes, and I just don’t see a consistent effort and a consistent “want” to be a part of the program. He is suffering from the stomach flu right now and I’m sure L Frank will update his status today.

Q: What was different about last night’s win?

A: The Pistons rebounded the ball. Philly did its share of missing shots, but Detroit was a step quicker on the glass and Greg Monroe and Jason Maxiell were all over the backboards. Detroit has been abysmal on the boards and last night, against a less-athletic East team, the Pistons were able to make hay. I also think that adding a veteran with a great attitude like Corey Maggette really was a plus.

Q: Will we see more of Andre Drummond?

A: Yes, I think so. Assistant Coach Dee Brown told me the other night that they are still “spoon-feeding” this 19 year old and do not want to just burn him out by letting him eat all at once. Andre showed again last night what he can do with his fourth quarter steal and dunk, but he also was a step slow a couple of times on defensive rotations because he is still getting used to the speed of the NBA game. His attitude has been great and he has a bit of a mean-streak which this team needs too.


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