By: Sara

Holiday music has gone straight to hell. It was bad enough that the man behind the Rebecca Black monstrosity known as “Friday” decided to unleash a new viral sensation called “It’s Thanksgiving”. The tween queen frontwoman this time around is little Nicole Westbrook, and she is forced to sing lines like,”December was Christmas. January was New Year. April was Easter. And the Fourth of July…but now it’s Thanksgiving.” The video has already racked up over 8 million hits because, much like its predecessor, it is so unbelievably BAD yet catchy at the same time. (Listen Nicole, Adam Sandler already has Thanksgiving covered.)

But here is where things really get ugly.  Octomom decided her clan needed to offer up their contribution to the world of holiday music.  Nadya Suleman took a break from shooting porn and rounded up 13 of her 14 kids for a song called “I’m Ready for Christmas”.  The Von Trapp family they ain’t, but if you really feel like torturing yourself, you can check out the single at


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