DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Potato chips, those tasty ovals of crispy, salty sweetness, are getting a little wacky for the holidays.

Pringles released new flavors recently, including white chocolate peppermint and  cinnamon sugar.

The reviews are mixed, with some likening the cinnamon chips to delicious sweet potato fries, and others finding the chips a trifle too sweet.

But the real controversy comes in with the peppermint. Peppermint potato chips?

The announcement drew nearly 1,000 comments on the Pringles Facebook page, with reviews running the gamut from “nasty” and “intense” to “disgusting.”

Dalton Johnson wrote on the Pringles Facebook page: “Too far Pringles, too far.” Jack P. Setzer wrote, “April Fools’ day isn’t for a few more months…”

Agreeing, Joshua Gibson wrote, “This is something I would not want in my stocking.”

Word is they’re available at Target stores. Let us know, metro Detroit, in comments below:  Will you try the limited edition Pringles flavors?


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