By Beth Fisher

DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s “Go Green Week” in the Detroit Public Schools and the district is unveiling a number of energy-saving practices.

DPS Energy Manager Emile Lauzzana said students need to learn to combat pollution and reduce waste.

dps go green week Detroit Schools Take On Go Green Challenge

(credit: WWJ/Beth Fisher)

“Making DPS more sustainable is an imperative — not only for the cost savings, which are real, but also critically important for our students as they prepare to enter a world increasingly dominated by environmental issues,” Lauzzana said.

Fifty-four Detroit schools are involved in the district’s “Go Green” challenge with prizes going to the schools that reduce their energy costs by 10 percent.

Aside from saving the district money, it’s teaching students, including 10-year-old Takia White, about saving the planet. “I like the fact that it’s a good thing for the environment and it really helps a lot of people and, if you tell the little kids about it, it will go on and go on,” she said.

Davison Middle Schooler Nader Rahman is also getting the message.  He told WWJ’s Beth Fisher about some things students are doing to make a change. “We turn off appliances  that’s not being used … recycling paper that’s being thrown away.”

Many Detroit schools have recycling programs and seven new ‘Lead Green’ schools have been built that are more energy-efficient.


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