DETROIT (CBS Detroit) 97.1 The Ticket’s Jamie Samuelsen was a guest on “CNN This Morning” Monday where he laid out the case of Ndamukong Suh for a national audience.

Suh appeared to intentionally kick the Texans’ quarterback in the groin during the Thanksgiving game in Detroit.

Samuelsen was asked: Do you think the NFL has already made up its mind about Suh?

“It sure sounds like it,” Samuelsen said, “Ray Anderson, the vice president of football operations, was quoted extensively over the weekend … (saying) past actions, past indiscretions will come into play … There’s already a report … that Suh will be suspended for at least one game.”

He added that after watching the tape over and over there’s only one conclusion: “There’s that kind of secondary motion, where it sure looks to me, I think it looks to a lot of people, like he intentionally strikes Shaw right where he did,” Samuelsen said.

Will a suspension change his behavior?

“He was suspended a year ago, after ironically enough, the Thanksgiving game … And that suspension came on the heels of a meeting that Suh himself initiated with NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell to find out why he was being penalized so hard for aggressive play on the field,” Samuelsen said.

It’s a violent game, Samuelsen said, but Suh has crossed the line more than once.

“He plays right on the edge with a certain amount of rage and he crosses the line sometimes … He doesn’t seem to think he’s doing anything wrong. He still refers to the play last year against the Packers as trying to ‘remove himself from the situation as opposed to stomping on the other player’s arm,” Samuelsen said.

“Normally when he talks about these kinds of things he’s in a certain state of denial.”

Suh usually addresses the media on Wednesday. Whether he will this week is still up in the air, especially since he recently walked out of the media session saying he had more important things to do, like “washing his (private parts).”


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