DETROIT (WWJ) – Citizens say, in some Detroit neighborhoods, weekly trash pick up comes late in the evening or even a day late.

Paper yard waste bags are decomposing on city streets and east side resident Vernette Willis says this trash trouble creates a multitude of problems.

“Because people put stuff in it that shouldn’t be in it; they’ll set it on fire .. they’ll just open up your bags and have it strewn it up and down the street,” Willis said. “With all the wind blowing it and dogs and cats and squirrels … I just don’t want all that.”

City ombudsman Doreen Brown told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Florence Walton she’s been trying to get Detroit leaders to develop a waste management plan since 2006.  She said the problem can’t be blamed solely on the city’s financial crisis.

“Right now our operation is so piecemeal that we’re getting complaints about material that’s not being picked up — whether it’s your trash or your yard waste,” she said. “Detroit doesn’t have a plan. If we don’t get a plan together we’re gonna stay filthy.”

Earlier this year, when Mayor Dave Bing’s administration promised to correct the issue, they blamed it on staffing shortages and mechanical problems.

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