By: Sara

The “half” in “Two and a Half Men” decided to give a half-assed apology for going on an angry rant and telling people not to watch his show. While Angus T. Jones didn’t really take back anything he said (the show is “filth” most likely spawned from Satan, etc.), he did express how much he really likes his co-workers.

Angus said, quote, “While I cannot address everything that’s been said or right ever misstatement or misunderstanding, there is one thing I want to make clear. Without qualification, I am grateful to, and have the highest regard and respect for all of the wonderful people on ‘Two and a Half Men’ with whom I have worked and over the past 10 years, who have become an extension of my family.

“Chuck Lorre, Peter Roth and many others at Warner Bros. and CBS are responsible for what has been one of the most significant experiences in my life to date. I thank them for the opportunity they have given and continue to give me.”

This sounds like a classic case of a kid who didn’t really think his interview would get out to the general public. Yes, Angus, when you say something in an interview on a church YouTube page, that interview is still on YOUTUBE and people WILL see it.

Meanwhile, another TV star decided to take full advantage of the situation and make lemonade out of lemons. Rainn Wilson from “The Office” posted his own send up of the Angus video as a way to promote the last season of his show.

The best part about the video is that Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl on “The Office”, is sitting next to Rainn on the sofa the whole time looking all hard and serious, but never says a word.


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