SOUTHFIELD — Lacks Wheel Trim Systems LLC, a business unit of Lacks Enterprises, Inc., Thursday introduced its all-new patented eVolve hybrid composite wheel technology.
Based on Lacks’ successful Chromtec wheel technology, eVolve wheels are an attractive, highly engineered hybrid-composite wheel that enable a fuel economy improvement of 1.1 miles per gallon highway by balancing weight reduction and optimizing aerodynamics.

The world debut announcement was made at the LA Auto Show.

Lacks’ new eVolve hybrid wheel technology features a unique construction consisting of:
* A high-performance structural backbone that is optimized for handling, weight, stiffness and safety.
* A lightweight, hybrid-composite design surface that is created to optimize aerodynamics and look great with one of the many proven metal finishes unique to Lacks.
* Lacks’ proprietary manufacturing process seamlessly combines all materials to create an extraordinarily strong, yet lightweight, metal composite wheel, culminating in new levels of fuel efficiency and design flexibility.

“The Lacks eVolve wheel technology provides a direct answer to helping automakers meet increasingly stringent federal fuel efficiency standards,” said James Ardern, director of business development for Lacks Wheel Trim Systems.

Unique benefits of the Lacks eVolve hybrid wheel technology include:
* Allows design to separate from the technical restraints of the wheel backbone
* Highly engineered composite construction
* Lower weight that allows increased vehicle content
* A larger wheel diameter due to its lower weight
* An unparalleled range of premium finishes
* Spinelle and Selective Spinelle metal finish options
* Increased revenue generation as either a standard or optional feature
* Enhances vehicle trim levels with great design, finishes and now increased mpg.

For more information on the eVolve hybrid wheel technology, visit:


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