By: Mike Stone

Charlie Batch led the Pittsburgh Steelers to an improbable win at Baltimore on Sunday. The former Lions quarterback is now 38 years old. He started 46 games as a Lion from 1998-2001 and was the last Lion quarterback before the 9/11/01 attacks. When you look over his Lion career, Batch was not that bad here,49 touchdowns and 40 interceptions and in fact if he did not get hurt in the third quarter of the last game in 2000, the Lions probably would have held on to win to make the playoffs. Unfortunately, Stoney Case came in, they eventually fell apart, Paul Edinger made the field goal, the Lions lost, missed the playoffs which brought us Matt Millen.

Here are highlights of a game which Charlie Batch started on a Monday night at the Silverdome in his rookie year. Oh yes, he had this guy named Barry Sanders to handoff or pass to. The Lions defeated Tampa 27-6, September 29, 1998.


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