DETROIT (WWJ) – A new study says it’s getting easier for consumers to get a car loan.

A year ago the average credit score for a new car loan was 763 – that’s in prime territory. It has slipped to a a new normal 668.

Melinda Zabritski Director of Automotive Credit for Experian Automotive told WWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert that’s one of the factors has really helped car sales.

“Consumers are out, they are buying cars, they are financing vehicles – they are able to get financing across a wide variety of credit scores,” said Zabritski.

While the Experian credit study shows a quarter of all loans are now sub-prime, delinquencies and repossessions have actually fallen.

“Consumers are certainly paying their automotive bills, they are paying them on time. We are still showing very historic lows for delinquencies across the board,” she said.

Interest rates in the area of three and four percent range are also making auto loans attractive for those with the best credit ratings buying new cars.


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