CHELSEA — The first iPad app for lean health care has been released in Apple’s App Store.

“Practical Lean for Healthcare” is the brain child of Todd Sperl and Don Tapping, two lean experts who previously collaborated on lean health care books.

The app was created to help front-line associates, quality managers, service line directors and C-level executives understand the principles and tools of lean management for health care. These highly successful tools of lean will assist healthcare organizations with improving the patient care experience and the main performance indicators of financial, regulatory, patient safety and quality, and resources (capital and people).

The app costs $3.99 and can be previewed at

According to Don Tapping, MCS Media owner and lean author, “The amount of information out there on lean in health care can be overwhelming so our goal was to create the best information and deliver it in a compelling format through the use of video, audio and case studies. This first app is an introduction to lean. Lean and its problem solving counterpart, Six Sigma, offer the healthcare community the opportunity to obtain long term, sustainable results, which is why, we plan to release additional apps in the Practical Lean Sensei for Healthcare series.”

Todd Sperl, owner of Lean Fox Solutions and lean health care lecturer, added: “I find when my clients and students hear about real-life examples, they get really motivated to be a change-agent in their own organization. I am excited to deliver, concise, actionable information in an app format. I’m constantly looking for ways to use to technology to enhance our lives, which is why the Lean Healthcare Assessment was such an important element to include in this app. By applying your customized Assessment results to the Improvement Guide, users can begin their journey of introducing Lean at their hospital, clinic or physician group practice.”

MCS Media Inc. is a publishing company based in Chelsea founded by Tapping. MCS Media is the parent company of The Lean Store, which offers books written by Tapping and his colleagues as well as Lean Six Sigma implementation aids and workshops. For more information, visit


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