DETROIT — Compuware Corp. (Nasdaq: CPWR) announced that its Uniface Business Unit has released Uniface 9.6, a significant milestone in its vision of helping organizations modernize applications and enable the development of applications of engagement. Additionally, Uniface University and Uniface TV have been enhanced to increase developer productivity and enable rapid adoption.

Compuware also announced that Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd. has published an analysis on the Uniface Business Unit, citing it for enabling customers to rapidly develop enterprise applications as well as for having a targeted strategy for delivering best-in-class partner and customer support programs.

“Uniface 9.6 will allow us to take our client server apps to an entirely new level,” said James Kutrubs, Software Development Manager, CourtView Justice Solutions. “The availability of a modern, functional user experience is a critical application feature, and Uniface 9.6 enables us to achieve this.”

Organizations are working hard to modernize applications, including traditional applications of record, as well as the more modern applications of engagement. Modernizing existing applications is frequently the most cost-effective and productive way for an organization to meet the demand for enhanced and innovative applications.

“Our vision is to provide customers with the industry’s most productive development capabilities that enable technology to make a difference,” said Adrian Gosbell, director of product management of Compuware’s Uniface business unit. “Uniface 9.6 continues to deliver on that vision by providing a rich set of services and functionality that simplifies the process of modernizing both Uniface and, increasingly, non-Uniface applications.”

Building on its extensive web development capabilities, Uniface 9.6 enables HTML 5 to be used in client-server applications. This provides a wealth of options, including the integration of web sites that can be integrated into the client/server application through the JavaScript capabilities in Uniface. The user experience of Uniface applications can be extended through the use of the new functionality to dynamically style HTML elements.

“The new features of Uniface 9.6 take Uniface to the next level. The modernization line between client/server and web User Interface is now blurred with the advent of new features such as HTML5 containers and imbedded JavaScript,” said Karl Sup, director of JDA Software. “I implore anyone to test drive the latest Uniface. I am certain you will be as impressed and excited as we are with the new enhancements and future direction and vision.”

In addition to delivering Uniface 9.6, the Uniface customer education program has been expanded to provide an extensive set of customer support, application migration and educational support programs. In particular, Uniface University and Uniface TV have been enhanced to enable customers to easily and rapidly learn Uniface tools and techniques and to broaden the overall adoption of Uniface.

“With its 9.6 release, the Uniface team demonstrates that it understands its customers’ application systems and their need to modernize client-server apps,” says Al Hilwa, Program Director, Applications Development Software, IDC. “Using Uniface 9.6, client server apps can be modernized with minimum risk, so that companies can take advantage of new functionality, such as Google maps, within their applications.”

Uniface provides a model-driven environment for the rapid application development of enterprise mission critical applications. Uniface is platform independent allowing applications to work on the most widely used hardware platforms and operating environments.

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