By Dan Leach

By: Dan Leach
Twitter @dtmleach

This year’s Lions season has definitely not gone the way many had hoped it would be and serious questions have to be asked as to why. Accountability is key in the NFL and accountability from the head coach of a team that has absolutely regressed from where they were last year and where they were supposed to be this year, goes without saying. The issue is that Jim Schwartz is not the problem. He definitely should share in the blame and the Lions lack of a killer instinct at the most important times can’t be overlooked, but Schwartz knows what he is doing and success in the NFL is a process.

Last year Schwartz took the Lions to heights they had not seen in over a decade which brought expectations to a fever pitch. He is a defensive minded coach which the Lions have needed desperately for a long time and I truly believe he is a great leader. That belief may have been tarnished a little with all the offseason issues, but a coach that has the passion and desire that Schwartz does is vital in today’s NFL. Getting a Super Bowl caliber team together does not happen overnight though and I think it would not only be counter productive, but short sided to think about ending ties with Schwartz after this season.

The Lions need to end the season on as high of a note as possible as I believe momentum is huge. Over the next three games I believe we will see just how important Schwartz is as leader of this oft sad sack franchise. When you have a team that is out of playoff contention you can learn a lot about how much they respect their coach and I think you are going to see the Lions fight till the bitter end. I just wonder where all these Schwartz naysayers will be next year when he leads this team to the playoff win and gasp…. much more.


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