DETROIT (WWJ) – Kwame Kilpatrick made appeared in two Detroit courts on Wednesday.

After a morning session in his federal corruption trial, the former mayor briefly appeared in Circuit Court regarding profits from his book.

Kilpatrick attorney, Daniel Hajii said the current court order, taking all book profits, is unconstitutional.

“The statute says he will have to give any money, (even) over and above restitution amount that he owes over to the crime victims fund,”  Hajii said. “So, if Mr. Kilpatrick made $2 million from the book, he would have to pay this $850,000 balance in restitution and the remaining money would have to go the Crime victims’ Act. That means Mr. Kilpatrick would not see any money.”

It’s not clear how much money has been made on the book: “Surrendered. The Rise, Fall and Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick,” but Haj says Kilpatrick has not seen a dime.

Meantime, Kilpatrick’s federal corruption trial is expected to continue into the new year. The ex-mayor has pleaded not guilty with fraud, bribery, tax crimes and a racketeering conspiracy. His father, Bernard Kilpatrick and Detroit contractor Bobby Ferguson are also charged in the case.

Kilpatrick is due back in Circuit Court in early March.


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