DRYDEN (WWJ) – A 20-year-old Dryden, Michigan woman has taken to the internet to pay tribute to a cousin who died at Sandy Hook.

WWJ’s Sandra McNeill reports that Macomb County Community College music student, Mary Rose Maher, has posted a music video with a haunting melody on YouTube in honor of the victims.

Mahers’ cousin’s daughter, six-year-old Allison Wyatt, was one of the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

“Our dreams we planned have turned to dust – life goes on but not forsaken us,” go the lyrics in the song called Cheyanne’s Lullaby.

Maher said she felt inspired to create this song with lyrics written for Allison … that would emotionally connect everybody.

“The past two weeks have not been the best emotionally for all of us,” said Maher. “My parents – my dad was very emotional through all the filming – and the music … but I really think is important to Cheyenne (Allison’s mom) that we have this to show her that we all care.”

Maher said the theme of the song is that there is still hope and that love never dies.

You can listen to the music by clicking on here.


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