By Sandra McNeill

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Do you have room in your home — and your heart — for a new pet?

The Dearborn Animal Shelter hopes so, and they’re discounting adoption fees through December 31 in an effort to resolve overcrowding. Dogs are coming in faster than they can go out.

Spokesperson Sandy Bolton says they’re being swamped with dogs and are perplexed as to why eight to 10 a day are being turned in.

“Frequently, they’re not sharing that information except for the fact that they may or may not be able to continue to afford feeding the animal,” Bolton said.

As the weather turns frigid, she said owners are surrendering some pets and others are coming into the shelter as strays found on the street.

Bolton says although they’re not having as much of a problem with cats, they’re being discounted, too. The adoptions come with a free bag of food and a $50 voucher for the vet.

“It’s a steady flow of animals right now into the shelter,” Bolton said.



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