Bathroom Guide for Ford Field Tailgaters

Stay comfortable while cheering on the Lions (Credit, Alonso Del Arte)

You have been eating and drinking at the tailgate and it is time to go, not to the game but to the restroom. Have no fear, you will find plenty of facilities at Eastern Market and once you are at Ford Field, there are restrooms galore.

Eastern Market Tailgate Area

At many stadiums and tailgating areas, this could be a problem. But here in Detroit when you tailgate at Eastern Market, there are always restrooms nearby. There are three well-maintained restrooms located at Eastern Market, one directly next to the Welcome Center on Adelaide Street, near Shed 3, just north of the parking area off the I-75 service drive. Next up, there is one located in a stand-alone building on Russell Street near Shed 4, and finally there is one at the northern end of the market, next to the market businesses offices.

So you are good at the tailgate, but then you hop the shuttle from Eastern Market to Ford Field. As you wait in line to get in, you realize that like you tell your kids, “you should have gone before we left.”

Ford Field

On each level of the stadium, there are restrooms spread around the ring, roughly across from every other entrance to the seating sections. There are also a handful of family restrooms for a group trip.

On the main concourse, there are six restrooms at each end, and on the sideline lengths of the stadium, there are no less than eight on each side. On each corner of the main concourse, there are family restrooms where you can take the little ones when nature calls so you don’t have to worry about them being alone.

In the upper concourse, again the restrooms are spread out so they are not far from any seating area exit. Like the lower concourse, they are scattered roughly at every other entrance to the seating sections. Where you will see a difference is in the location of the family restrooms. There are four family restrooms grouped together at the corners of the concourse on the gate C side of the stadium.

When it comes to the club level at Ford Field, you get the best of it all: great seats, the best sight lines and restrooms galore. There are considerably less seats on the club level and all are clustered on the home team’s side of the field. But there are just as many restrooms on this single side as there are directly below on the upper level.

Not only are there six restrooms, evenly split between men and women directly across from the seating section, but there are two larger facilities located close to the seats, within a short distance from vendors that offer all you need while you are headed back to your section.

Let’s face the facts, the Lions haven’t done all that great this season, as evidenced by the team not making the playoffs. But at least by going to Ford Field to see the game, the only thing that will keep you uncomfortable are the missed tackles on the field and not a long search for restroom facilities.

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