By Murray Feldman

DETROIT (WWJ) As we move into a new year, what can employers do to keep good workers happy?

WWJ Business Editor Murray Feldman said as the economy continues to swing upward and unemployment gets lower, businesses might have to work a little harder to keep employees from leaving for another opportunity.

“As more jobs open up … a lot of companies are looking for good workers who are already employed,” Feldman said, adding, “They’re going to grab them and they’re going to offer them more money to come across the street. The point is  that employers and employees have had a disconnect over the past couple of years because things have been so rocky. They have forgotten what priorities could be, or as some consultants say, should be.”

Feldman says there are lot of unhappy workers on the job now. According to recent surveys, six out of 10 workers would leave their jobs now if they could find another position.

“You might give them some kind of ability to move ahead, maybe provide a mentor for them, maybe provide some kind of education, maybe give them more responsibility, those are the things that are going to make workers happier,” Feldman said. “Right now a lot of workers are not very happy.”

2011 was the year of the shakeout for the economy, 2012 was the year of rebuilding — Now, Feldman said 2013 should bring it all together to make a company better and its employees happier. Feldman says keeping workers satisfied and on the job should be a higher priority for businesses this year.

“Maybe they can move up the corporate ladder so eventually in the next couple of years they can be at a much higher level, either at this company or at another company,” Feldman said. “The employer should know you have to enjoy those people while they’re there, take care of them, they won’t be there forever, but while they’re there make the best use of those people and help them get the best use of your company as well.”


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