BRIGHTON — Nanovere Technologies said this week that its products will lead the automotive industry into a a world were auto plastics never fade, wheels are self-cleaning and resist brake dust, tires are self-cleaning and look new for life — not to mention fiberglass boats that resist fading for life.

These and other amazing benefits are now possible due to 10 years of research and development in nanotechnology.

Nanovere chairman and CTO Thomas Choate said the company’s products are now on the market under the brand names Vecdor Nano-Clear, a wipe-on clear nanocoating that exceeds automaker specifications.

“What’s most unique about Nano-Clear is the ability to permanently restore original color, gloss and surface hardness back into oxidized textured plastics, highly oxidized fiberglass and highly oxidized paint surfaces while reducing surface maintenance by 60 percent,” Choate said.

Nanovere Technologies has pioneered proprietary 3D unstructured coatings at the molecular level since 2003. Nano-Clear forms a “highly crosslink dense film with extreme scratch resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, remarkable flexibility and self-cleaning properties including water, oil, ice and brake-dust repellency.”

The application potential for Nano-Clear Wipe-On nanocoating includes automotive textured plastics, aluminum and steel wheels, tires, oxidized paint surfaces including heavy duty equipment, boat hulls, aluminum siding, outdoor metal furniture, air conditioner housings, etc.

Vecdor nanocoatings have been tested and validated by some of the world’s leading OEM companies including Boeing, BMW, Accuride Truck Wheels and many others to outperform leading OEM clear coatings.

Nanovere is currently establishing global distribution networks for Vecdor Nano-Clear. Interested parties may contact Nanovere directly at or call (810) 227-0077. To learn more about Nanovere or nanotechnology, visit or email


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