By: Bill McAllister

Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs is part of an investment group that has purchased the property where the movie Field Of Dreams was filmed. The group paid $3.4 million for the 193-acre site which includes the baseball diamond and home used in the movie. It also includes lots and lots of cornfields. They plan on building a youth baseball complex consisting of 24 fields and 60 clubhouses. They plan on being ready for the 2014 tournament season.

It actually does sound like a great idea but…Field Of Dreams has to be one of the most overrated sports movies of all time, in fact, I would rank it right up there with Rudy! Dare I say it’s not even close to being one of the best baseball movies of all time! Major League, Bull Durham, The Natural…geez, even A League Of Their Own is better than Field Of Dreams! And by the way, we get it Costner, you wished you could’ve been a Major Leaguer but how many baseball movies are you going to make?

I guess I’m just bothered by the hype that has been attached to this film since it debuted some 24 years ago. Although, I have to say, the aforementioned Rudy takes the cake for most overrated. Please, like a hobbit could play football!

Obviously, what Wade Boggs is doing is great, anything to encourage youth sports is awesome but I wonder if he ever considered how much fried chicken he could buy with $3.4 million.


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