SOUTHFIELD — So, what else is new and, if not cool, at least interesting? Here’s the latest, from the tech world and elsewhere.

* If you work for one of these 10 most hated companies in America, my condolences.

* There is an app for practically everything, and the inauguration of President Barack Obama to a second term Monday, Jan. 21 is no exception. The Presidential Inaugural Committee announced a smartphone app to bring information about official inaugural events to Americans’ fingertips.

* Here’s the latest on the international game of cyber-espionage malware from Kaspersky.

* A path is released from Oracle for Java, but even that may be full of holes.

* A new environmental study finds unsafe levels of mercury in 84 percent of all fish. Yikes.

* Here’s a truly disgusting weight loss alternative. Truly, don’t read this if you’re eating.

* Submitted without comment, a new video game from the NRA.

* Anonymous takes down the MIT Web site for allegedly playing a role in the late Aaron Swartz’s prosecution.

* Samsung urges an American court to keep allowing Galaxy sales. (And with good reason, they’re whacking the iPhone.)–finance.html

* Here’s the latest on the CNet Best of CES awards dustup.

* Here’s more on the inflatable space habitat being tested on the International Space Station.$17-million-inflatable-room/


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