Taquala Morgan of Brownstown, Michigan was asked to “come on down” Tuesday on “The Price Is Right” thanks to a local contestant search hosted by CBS 62 at MJR Westland Grand Digital Cinema 16. Her audition tape was sent to show producers and she was selected to be flown out to L.A. for a taping of the show with another local semi-finalist. One of the two women were destined be called to contestant’s row for a shot at big prizes.

Speaking to Morgan on the phone during the airing of the show she could be heard excitedly reliving the moment of narrowly beating her competition on the Big Wheel. “Thank you lord! Thank you lord!” she laughed.

(credit: Taquala Morgan)

(credit: Taquala Morgan)

When she met “the other Price is Right chick” or “competition” as Morgan put it, they were quick friends. By the time their plane landed in California it got a little more serious and “It was game on,” joked Morgan.

Morgan went on to win the Showcase Showdown at the show’s finale. All said and done she scored an impressive haul of prizes including a 22 foot boat, a GPS navigation system, a 5-day trip to New York and a pair of Michael Kors handbags.

What’s It Like Getting Called Up?

Morgan described the experience as “surreal” and “the biggest rush I’ve ever had.” She said she couldn’t hear due to the sound of her heart pounding in her ears.

She described Drew Carey as “The most friendly man in the world.” “I wanted to pinch Drew on the butt, but I got too nervous,” she admitted explaining that slapping people on the butt is something people know her for.

Morgan, a member of Life Changers International Ministry, was unemployed when she heard about the local contestant search and points to her faith as a factor in her good fortune. “I didn’t give up. I felt like the Lord provided me with the opportunity,” she said.


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