By: Bill McAllister

Former co-host of The Man Show Adam Corolla spoke with us about his upcoming appearance at the Royal Oak Music Theater on Friday January 25th. The Adam Corolla Show broke the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded podcast with 60 million unique downloads from 2009-2011! He is also the author of the New York Times best seller Not Taco Bell Material  and of course, he was a long time co-host of the  radio and MTV show Loveline.

Corolla talked about his signature wine called Mangria. He says that it “contains almost 21% alcohol”, “so, you don’t have to drink a full bottle.” They will, by the way, be serving Mangria at his Royal Oak Music Theater show. We also discovered that Adam has no legal middle name so when he renewed his license at the California DMV years ago, he just wrote ‘Lakers’ as his middle name and it’s stuck ever since. Stoney then asked Corolla about the fact that the Lakers aren’t exactly the marquis team in L.A. these days. That distinction goes to the Clippers to which Corolla responded, “how many guys on that team even know why they’re called The Clippers?”

You can purchase tickets to Adam Corolla’s January 25th show by visiting and if you wanna get your drink on, check out


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