So what’s new and interesting in the world in tech? See here…

* First, here’s a roundup of automotive efficiency advances from CNet’s, reporting from the North American International Auto Show.

* NASA is making good progress in tracking near-earth asteroids, the agency’s chief space rock hunter says.

* Also in space, a European Space Agency module will power NASA’s Orion deep space capsule.

* Deeper in space, a stunning new photo of a giant space cloud spawning baby stars.

* Well, this is completely bizarre. Meet Brooke, the 20-year-old toddler. She’s never grown a bit. The fountain of youth or strange disability?

* Here’s the unique tale of a guy who offshored his own job to China.

* Analysts see potential in Facebook’s new search feature.

* It’s another step forward for the latest in high-tech eyewear, Google glasses.

* The Department of Homeland Security says a malicious virus shuttered a power plant.

* Those apps that diagnose your moles to see if they’re anything cancerous to worry about? Yeah, not so great. No match for a real dermatologist.

* A Dutch court says Samsung’s Galaxy tablets do not infringe on Apple’s patents.

* Lots of heat now on the prosecutors who hounded the late online activist Aaron Swartz. Here, here  and here.

* It turns out one of the biggest pieces of fallout from the Fukushima disaster may turn out to be PTSD.

* In climate change, turns out global warming gases aren’t the only bad guys. As this article says, soot is warming the world — a lot.


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