DETROIT (WWJ) – It was a potential fire hazard at the fire house. Some Detroit firefighters had to resort to drastic measures to keep warm when the heat went out last week.

Firefighters talking to WWJ Newsradio 950 said, in order to endure several days on the job in below-freezing temps, they were forced to use a gas stove and oven to heat the place — which is generally not recommended.  The photo at left was posted to Facebook.

Detroit Fire Commissioner Don Austin confirmed that Ladder 25, Engine 53, Medic has been without heat since Saturday due to a busted gas valve, but they’re working on the problem.

Austin said the city’s General Services Dept. determined on Monday that a new gas valve was needed for the repair. However, because it would have taken the city department three days to get the part, a contractor was called in to handle the fix.

Austin said they expect the contractor to complete the repair quickly, restoring heat to Engine 53 by Thursday.

Complaining of the cold, the Engine 53 crew was moved to Engine 57, at Burt and Schoolcraft, for the time being. They will continue to cover their designated zone, 8 Mile Road to Joy/Evergreen to Wyoming, while awaiting the repairs.

This is the latest of recent housekeeping issues reported in the Detroit Fire Department. A toilet paper shortage that made headlines last year has since been resolved.

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