FRASER — AIM Computer Solutions, a recognized leader in automotive ERP software for part suppliers has received its second multiyear award from a large, Fortune 100 company.

The supplier will be using AIM’s Supply Chain Management Software, AutoSys, to manage imports and their distribution to various plants in the states and elsewhere.

“Our EDI is more than just pushing information from one source to another,” says Jerry Czernel, VP Operations, “AutoSys manages all part demands for this global organization.  In addition, AutoSys has an open interface which allows our customers to pass information from AutoSys to other department-specific software. Our first award was certainly a milestone. Our second award reflects our world-class support. Even though this customer has a strong MIS department, they wanted Supply Chain Management from a software company used to working with companies who had no full-time, or reduced software support.”

The company has several locations in Michigan and the southern states, and is expected to add other AIM features in the future.

AIM also announced the release of a new white paper titled “25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP.”

AIM was chosen by the ERP Software Blog to be part of a panel of 21 ERP and accounting software experts from North America and Europe who contributed knowledge to this project. The report includes examples from real-world companies from a wide range of industries, including a food manufacturer, an engineering firm, a restaurant chain, a movie studio, a physician’s clinic, a non-profit, a correctional facility, an office supply distributor and many more. Each example of increased productivity is connected to the way they use ERP software as a competitive advantage.   One example is using the AIM Alert subsystem to set up electronic watchdogs.

“The watchdog will monitor key supply chain, inventory and demand values, and if a condition meets or exceeds a trigger value, emails are immediately sent to designated recipients before major problems develop,” said Kim Ryan, product director of AIM Computer Solutions.

Added Anya Ciecierski, editor of the ERP Software Blog: “Each contributor was chosen because of their extensive experience in the ERP software industry.  We compiled their stories in clear and easy to understand way so they could benefit others in the software selection process. This white paper is not about presenting sales promises, it is real stories from real companies who are fighting to be the best in their markets every day.”

The white paper, “25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP,” can be downloaded at as a PDF and as an MP3 audio file.   AIM is the industry leader for complete ERP software tailored to the small to medium sized repetitive manufacturers with a focus on automotive suppliers. AIM Vision provides a single source for automotive EDI integration into production scheduling complete with demand smoothing to accommodate work schedules, and lean manufacturing and supply chain management.  Other capabilities include outside processing, multiple level lot control, in line vehicle sequencing, release accounting, and full technical compliance to the MMOG/LE requirements.

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