By Ryan Wooley

By: Ryan Wooley

Henrik Zetterberg

Since Steve Yzerman announced his retirement at the end of the 2005-2006 season and Nick Lidstrom took over as Captain until the end of last season, it was always assumed that Henrik Zetterberg would be the next in line to wear the Captain “C” and on Tuesday it was made official.

With the move the Red Wings are not losing much from the position as Hank possesses many of the same qualities that both Yzerman and Lidstrom carried as he is an extraordinary player and a true leader on and off the ice.

The difference however is Zettterberg is not afraid to be very vocal and challenge Mike Babcock on things, which could be just what the team needs now as no player from the 1997 Stanley Cup team is on the roster and they’re quite young on defense, so a vocal Captain could get the young guys focused early and playing the Red Wing way.

Lance Armstrong

Despite what you may think of the seven time Tour DE ‘France Champion for admitting that he used performance enhancing drugs, you have to give him credit for not only finally admitting he did, but the amount of money he has raised to help fund cancer research.

I’ll never say that I support anyone doing anything illegal and I’m not making excuses for Armstrong, but many of his fellow competitors in cycling have been busted themselves, so doesn’t that lower the shame barrier just a bit?

I mean seriously, of the seven titles he has won, most of them they can’t even give to those that finished in 2nd, 3rd, 4th or lower because they were all busted for doping as well. On top of that, the story of Armstrong overcoming cancer to win the championships was amazing and it helped put his “LiveStrong” charity on the map and help fund cancer research.

I think before anyone just writes Lance Armstrong out of their lives completely, they need to reevaluate their own morals because if Kobe Bryant can come back from a rape case, Ray Lewis from a murder trial or even Tiger Woods for being a male whore, Armstrong can rebound from this and continue to do wonders for cancer research.

It’s not very often in today’s media that a story goes uncontested with information slipping through the cracks that wasn’t fact-checked but that is exactly what happened with the Manti Te’o story involving his girlfriend who allegedly died from Leukemia.

The story itself was one that made every person with a heart feel bad for Te’o because not only did he lose his grandma, but his girlfriend within hours of each other and really brought the human element to the sports world.

However, what Deadspin uncovered with all the missed information and how it looked like Te’o either created this woman and killed her off to gain publicity to win the Heisman or was set up in a “Catfish” scam was unfathomable.

Deadspin truly did their homework before releasing their findings and should be applauded for what true journalism is meant to be, which is following every lead and leaving no stone unturned, making sure the story is correct the first time.

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