SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Kuka Robotics will demonstrate innovative lightweight robotic technology at Automate 2013, the solutions-based showcase of automation technologies in North America.

Kuka Robotics will showcase two LWR 4+ lightweight robots with seven-axis, 7-kilogram (15.4-pound) payload capacities and weighs in at 16kg (35.2 pounds) in total unit weight, demonstrating demanding assembly tasks requiring utmost precision, with a sensitive but powerful touch. It comes amazingly close to the motion sequences of the human arm. Through force-controlled surface following the operator can manually guide the robot to different positions in the workspace while controlling and teaching the LWR using the very simple user interface.

The KR Agilus small robot series will be set to perform for the automation industry at Automate 2013. The KR Agilus is unique in its payload category; setting new standards with six axes, very high speeds, short cycle times, integrated energy supply system, whether installed on the floor, ceiling or wall, KR Agilus masters unusual tasks! See a preview video at

On display will be the new software packages mxAutomation and Kuka.PLC mxA, on a KRC 4 controller. The mxAutomation display will demonstrate how this new technology from Kuka makes it possible for external controllers with an embedded PLC to command Kuka robots with elementary motion instructions.

Outside Kuka Robotics booth 360, Kuka robots on the Automate show floor are a KR Quantec KR210 R2700 Extra demonstrating Kuka.Safe Operation technology in the RIA booth 1026. In this demonstration, there is a collaborative zone that both the operator and the robot share. The operator can enter this zone at any time and with detection by sensors, the robot will safely slow and stop as the operator approaches the zone. Once the operator has completed his work and exits the zone the robot will automatically resume operation. This functionality utilizes safety rated velocity monitoring, space monitoring and monitored stop. In addition there will be a KR AGILUS in a small material handling cell, utilizing an ATI tool changer handling and Apple iPad in the Official Kuka Robotics System Partner KC Robotics booth 1112.

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