Matt’s Favorites: Aretha’s Hat Meme, Kim Dotcom At It Again, Bye Bye Body Scanners

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Aretha Franklin hat

So, what else is new, fascinatin’ and fun? Behold all this wonderment from the world in tech…

* Aretha Franklin’s hat from the first Obama inauguration in 2009 lives on for the second Obama inauguration in 2013.

* Megaupload’s indicted founder Kim Dotcom launches a new Web site. (The Khadafy-style bodyguard babes in military miniskirts was a particularly cool touch.) And the service reportedly hits a million users in a day.

* Friends and supporters honor online activist Aaron Swartz in New York City.

* In aviation, Boeing and Sikorsky team up for new military helicopter for the United States.

* Now that we’re a few weeks into the New Year, here’s a look at the biggest digital security threats of 2013.

* In Japan, Sharp cuts iPad screen output. Trouble?

* A Dutch architect plans to build a house out of parts made on a 3D printer.

* Why does flu come in the winter? Not just because we’re cooped up inside. The virus also survives longer in dry air.

* Believe it or not, we’re close to being able to clone the first Neanderthal born in 30,000 years.

* NASA achieves communication by laser at planetary distances for the first time. The bonus, eventually: Faster data throughput than radio.

* On this part of Mars, it’s pretty obvious that once, a river ran through it.

* And it turns out the North Star isn’t closer than we thought after all.

* Clearwire shareholders are increasingly unhappy with Sprint’s $2.2 billion offer for the struggling wireless Internet service provider.

* Labor groups are asking Hewlett-Packard to replace its auditor, Ernst & Young, over the technology giant’s troubled acquisition of UK software company Autonomy.

* Here’s Mashable with the top 10 tech stories of last week.

* Say goodbye to the naked body scanners at airports.

* A new study links a megadrought in parts of the Amazon basin to climate change.

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