By: Terry Foster

Did somebody remind Titus Young that Calvin Johnson is the best receiver in the history of football? Did somebody tell Young it is best to keep his mouth shut and allow himself to get back on the Lions roster?

He was trending that way until he began his Lions death tweets on Tuesday. Young took shots at the Lions while defending himself and he may have also taken a shot at quarterback Matthew Stafford, which is a no-no in this organization.

Here are his tweets. You be the judge.

“Never have I ran the wrong route, just put myself where the ball was going.”
That seems like a shot at Stafford, whose accuracy has been questioned.

“Like I said I never been selfish but if I’m not going to get the football I don’t want to play anymore.”

Let him walk. I do not understand why General Manager Martin Mayhew and Lions coach Jim Schwartz don’t have a meeting and say “let’s get rid of this guy.”
Why do the Lions hang on to Young? He is a good receiver but he is not great. He is not worth the hassle. This is a guy who punched a teammate, refused an assignment on the field and then spoke to the media with sun glasses. He is a mess. There are two Titus Young’s. There is good Titus and bad Titus and you never know which guy is walking through the door.

He tweets like he wants out, but a few weeks ago he had mommy and daddy come to the practice facility to beg for a second chance.

A caller told us on the Valenti and Foster Show that Young can be a great receiver and could be just as good as Calvin Johnson. That guy is nuttier than a fruit cake. If Young were the second coming of Johnson I’d defend the guy and say give him another chance. But he’s not.

Then again the Lions have not released him and might bring him back. You don’t think they are foolish enough to believe Young has greatness in his body and soul?


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