SOUTHIELD — So, what else is new, fascinatin’ and fun? Behold all this wonderment from the world in tech…

* Michigan State University releases this tape of a talking computer — FROM 1974!

* Two asteroid-mining companies have now launched. I’ve always said, space exploration will take off only when people can make big bucks at it. And one of them is talking about using asteroids to 3D print space stations. Cool.

* And speaking of asteroids, this mission, like ‘Angry Birds’ in space, would test our ability to alter the course of Earth-threatening space rocks.

* Here’s a nifty social media map of flu hot spots.

* Here’s a peek inside Google workplaces, from super perks to nap pods.

* Microsoft finally puts a launch date on its Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet.

* And here’s how to foil that pesky facial recognition software.

* Want to get up close and personal with the Obama inauguration? Check out a massive gigapixel image of the event, courtesy of the Washington Post.

* What holds energy technology back? Unfortunately, it’s still the dang batteries.

* CNBC says Microsoft is in talks to invest $3 billion in Dell.

* And if you want to stay happy, avoid friends’ vacation shots on Facebook.

* A star of one of my favorites, the ‘Big Bang Theory,’ is starting a show about real-life prodigies.

* Yahoo snaps up a social network startup called


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