LANSING (WWJ) – Another effort is underway to allow concealed weapons in public schools across Michigan after similar legislation was struck down last year by Gov. Rick Snyder.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports that Republican Senator Mike Green is reintroducing legislation that would allow guns in schools, day care centers, churches, sports arenas and elsewhere.

“I think we’re going to introduce it next week. We’re meeting with the governor and trying to meet some of his concerns. We made a number of changes that we think will make the bill better,” he said.

Snyder vetoed the petition at the end of the year because it didn’t give schools an opt-out provision.

Under the bill, people who concealed carry in gun-free zones would have to get enhanced training beyond basic requirements and spend additional time at the gun range. “Open carry” in those areas would be prohibited.

Green said the legislation will work to save lives, but not everyone agrees with that.

“I don’t think we want to turn our teachers into, you know, armed guards. They’re there for the purpose of educating our kids and I think the idea that we would want to send our school personnel into the schools with guns is very scary to me,” said Lisa, a liberal Democrat.


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