Altair’s PBS Works to Power HPC Service at University of Nottingham: Troy-based Altair Engineering Inc., a global provider of simulation technology and engineering services, today announced the University of Nottingham, one of the United Kingdom’s top 10 universities, has selected Altair’s PBS Works suite to expand the capabilities of its campus-wide high-performance computing service based on Minerva, the university’s latest generation HPC cluster. Working in partnership with ClusterVision, Altair will provide PBS Professional, Compute Manager and PBS Analytics to transform the 45 Tflop cluster into a robust and easily usable HPC service for the cluster’s hundreds of users. Altair was chosen over competitors because of its portal offerings, strong feature set and highly customizable framework. The university’s HPC service is a vital tool for an increasing number of researchers who need easy access to substantial computing resources. Information from academic staff indicates that projects using the HPC service have been worth approximately £27 million in grant income to the university since 2007. The service is available to any staff member or researcher with the need for compute resources substantially greater than a standard PC. Altair’s PBS Professional will manage workload on the Minerva system, a cluster composed of 170 Dell PowerEdge Server nodes running the latest Intel Xeon E5 Sandy Bridge processors and six additional GPU accelerated nodes. A market-leading HPC workload management product, Altair also will provide Compute Manager, a reliable and affordable Web-based job submission and management portal. Coupled with PBS Professional, Compute Manager will allow the university’s HPC service users to more easily submit jobs to Minerva and manage remote files, increasing productivity and providing the ability to collaborate more easily. As part of the solution, Altair also will deliver PBS Analytics for utilization tracking and reporting. PBS Analytics is a graphical Web-based accounting, analytics and reporting solution that allows historical usage data to be queried with respect to jobs, applications, users, projects, groups and many other entities. The easy-to-use portal will provide university HPC service administrators with advanced usage analysis for the Minerva cluster to support data-driven planning and decision-making. More at

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