LANSING — The managed hosting company Liquid Web Inc. Tuesday announced a reduction of bandwidth pricing, including unlimited inbound data for free.

The price reductions apply to all current and future customers using its Storm Platform, which includes Dedicated, VPS, SSD and Block Storage options in the cloud.

Effective Tuesday, customers will not pay for any inbound data transfer. In addition, there will be new pricing and packages available for outbound data transfer that includes the first 5 terabytes for free.

This pricing reduction represents up to 80 percent savings over the company’s previous pricing structure.  Current Liquid Web customers will see their bandwidth pricing automatically reduced.

Liquid Web officials said the price reductions are the results of ongoing network improvements, including expanded capacity and the addition of many important new peering partners to Liquid Web’s already expansive network ( The company is currently peered with Amazon, Google, Akamai, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook as well as many more ( trusted and well-respected telecommunications networks.

Said Liquid Web founder and CEO Matthew Hill: “One the goals we hope to accomplish by constantly seeking improvements for our network and allocating additional peering partners — aside from the obvious uptime and connectivity we achieve — has always been to increase the value of our service for our customers. Many providers’ pricing plans offer what ends up constituting as, a ‘premium’ for low usage rates. With these changes, we further separate ourselves from this mindset by ensuring that we’re offering the lowest possible price at all usage levels.”

The new pricing structure for bandwidth from Liquid Web is as follows:

Inbound  Unlimited $0

5,000 GB/month   $0
6,000 GB/month   $50
8,000 GB/month   $150
10,000 GB/month  $250
15,000 GB/month  $450
20,000 GB/month  $750

Liquid Web is a privately held managed Web hosting company founded in 1997, with three wholly owned data centers in Lansing. In 2010 Liquid Web opened a software development office in Scottsdale, Ariz., followed in 2012 by physical data center space in Phoenix, Ariz. Liquid Web has more than 20,000 clients served in more than 120 countries.

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