Karsch and Anderson are on their way to New Orleans in the luxurious “Tailgate Cruiser.” The “Cruiser” is fully equipped with a bed, bathroom and TV. The only problem with the TV was the volume wouldn’t go high enough for them to hear a movie.

If you listen to the Karsch and Anderson show then you know Doug has an awesome tool set and can fix just about anything. That didn’t go well to start as you can see in the video below. Gator gives full commentary.

“We might have to fire up the drinks real soon,” he says.

It might not have looked too promising that Doug was gonna be able to fabricate the speakers so they could watch the movie. That wasn’t the case at all. Doug DID IT. Doug figured that he would just set up the speakers to a microphone and then tape it in front of the TV speakers and, bam — there’s surround sound in the Karsch and Anderson “Tailgate Cruiser.”


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