By: Dan Leach

As we get ready for the biggest day in sports this Sunday, as much as the game itself is the heaviest wagered event all year ($10 Billion), there is a growing trend of proposition bets. Some are absurd, some are actually heavily wagered on in Las Vegas. First I will take a look at the wacky props which are always a lot of fun and then the more traditional props where there can be a ton of value and Monopoly money to be made.

You need to look at props that would be considered underdogs if they happen or plus money. Finding those mixed with a small amount of props where you have to lay money to win is always the best way to come out with a profit and impress your friends after the confetti flies.
Length of postgame handshake/hug between Harbaugh brothers: o/u 6 seconds- You have to love the OVER here as the Brother Grimm will likely embrace for an absurd amount of time no matter who wins or loses.

Times Jack Harbaugh shown during game:
o/u 2.5 times- To think Dad will only be shown twice would be to think apple pie isn’t American. Take the OVER all day!

Times “Harbaugh” will be said during game: o/u 22.5 times- This is a tough one, but knowing how much they are going to talk about the families, cousins, former roommates, and Harbaugh personal nannies, there is no reason to think the OVER is not the play here

Chance Alicia Keys will mess up the lyrics to the National Anthem NO -200$ Yes +170- Not a lot of value here , but the chances Alicia Keys mess up the Lyrics is the same chance in my opinion that Chris Brown and Rhianna join Beyonce for the halftime show. DTM Pick NO

Chance Jay Z will join Beyonce on stage during halftime show– EVEN- There is no way to know for sure until possibly right up until this prop goes off the board, but you know the fans would go crazy if Beyonce’s hubby joined her for “Single Ladies”. DTM Pick – YES

Chance President Obama will pick Ravens to win game YES-$125- The President tries to stay neutral when Chicago teams aren’t involved, but with his newfound attitude post second Inaugural I like him taking a team close to the Nation’s capitol even though it isn’t the Redskins is very likely if he is asked. DTM Pick- YES

+$500 if any player on either team is arrested before the game– If the Bengals were playing I would say put 10,000$ on YES, but I think both these teams will act like they have been there.

How many times will Ray Lewis mention “God/Lord” in post-game interview: o/u 3 times- No explanation needed OVER!!!!!!

Color of Gatorade dumped on winning coach
Clear: +$200
Orange: +$250
Yellow: +$250
Blue: +$700- IT IS MY FAVORITE COLOR SO WHY NOT? – And honestly unless you have the equipment guy on the sideline tweeting you the 4th quarter color, this is a total crap shoot.
Green: +$700
Red: +$700

49ers will score a rushing touchdown Yes -$300 No +$260 DTM Pick NO- only based on value as Gore or Kaepernick will likely get one in , but laying that kind of cash is not how to profit with props.

Will there will be a 4th down conversation Yes-$240 No+$200 DTM Pick NO

Ray Lewis will have 11 or more total tackles Yes -$160 No +$140 DTM Pick YES

Either team will lead by 2 TDs or more at some stage of game
EVEN- I think this is going to be a close game throughout and love the NO here.

Game will be tied at some point after 0-0 EVEN- Love this one with how both these defenses play, could see a lot of early FG’s. DTM Pick YES

Opening coin flip will be Heads EVEN- you always have to bet on HEADS right? It’s like always betting on black at the roulette table:)

Ravens will score a rushing touchdown Yes +$130 No -$150 DTM Pick YES- Ray Rice is my X-Factor in this game and I love his chances of getting into the end zone.

Any QB will throw for 300 or more yards Yes +$150 No -$170 DTM Pick NO

Either team will score 3 unanswered times Yes +150 No -$170 DTM Pick YES- Another value based prop. This is the type of prop you put a smaller amount on cause of the ability to profit from it, but not lose a lot from it.

There will be a lead change in the 2nd half Yes+$150 No-$190 DTM Pick YES- This is easily my favorite prop!

There will be a defensive or special teams TD Yes +$160 No -$200- DTM Pick- YES- with Ed Reed on the field there is always a great chance for this to happen and the Niners have defensive play makers that can score as well.

At least one quarter will be scoreless Yes +$240 No -$280- DTM Pick- YES- Another one of my favorite props for the value.

Ed Reed will have an INT Yes +$400 No -$600 DTM Pick YES

Alex Smith will take a snap from center YES +$500-This is one of the most interesting of all the props. The only chance this likely would happen is if there was an injury to Colin Kaepernick, but I would not put it past Jim Harbaugh, if his team went up big, to let Smith take a series late in the game. DTM Pick- small play on YES

Game will go into overtime Yes +700$ NO -$1000 DTM Pick- YES. This is one of the best chances for it to happen yet with the way these two teams play defense and end up in close games.

There will be a blocked punt Yes +$1000 – I love the value on this one with the way these two teams special teams are coached- DTM Pick- small play YES


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