DETROIT (WWJ) – Pizza, wings, chips, dip — maybe even cake! There’s plenty of food choices at Superbowl parties.

If you’re trying to stay healthy — Carolyn Beaufort, with the group Take Off Pounds Sensibly, or TOPS has this advice.

“Have a small snack, an apple, so when you go to make choices you are not going to be eating from hunger, you’re going to be eating healthy items,” said Beaufort.

Beaufort suggests walking around the table and taking a look at the all the food offered; “Choose some of the healthy items that you want to eat – then go back, take your plate and fill it up with all the healthy items that are there. It’s alright to take a wing or two — it’s a party.”

Beaufort says its ok if you stray a bit from your diet and exercise today — as long as you’re prepared to get back at it tomorrow.


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