DETROIT (97.1 The Ticket) There are questions — like who will win the Super Bowl? — and then there are questions for the ages — like are you a boob or butt man?

Intrepid 97.1 The Ticket webmaster Evan Jankens asked that question, along with “who is the best wide receiver in the NFL?” at the Bud Light Hotel during the Super Bowl in New Orleans.

Actor Zachary Levi tossed out a few wide receiver suggestions, including Randy Moss and Buster Davis, and didn’t miss a beat with his other answer, saying “butt” almost before the question was finished.

David Koechner, the “Anchorman” sidekick, weighed in on the best receiver, saying “That’s a tough one,” before declining to answer. But he did answer the other question, saying, “It’s brains, then butt.”

Koechner briefly discussed the upcoming “Anchorman” sequel, describing it as “great times.”

“It’s really fun, honestly, all the anticipation will be … The movie will be worthy of the anticipation,” Koechner said, adding shooting starts in March for the film that will be released in December.

Seeming to enjoy Jankens’ company, Koechner goes on to discuss his wife and why he thinks women, overall, are  better than men.

On a serious note, NASCAR’s Kevin Harvick named Michael Crabtree as the best receiver, admitted he’s driven 140 mph on the freeway, then said, “You can’t have too big of a butt — boobs probably.”


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