By: Sara

As with most years, the Super Bowl commercials are getting mixed reviews. The two commercials that are taking turns topping the lists, are the Dodge Ram ad with Paul Harvey’s speech called “So God Made a Farmer” and the annual Budweiser Clydesdale spot that reunited a man with the horse he raised.

The combination of Paul Harvey’s voice and delivery style coupled with moving and simple photographs, came together for two minutes of heaven.

Even the toughest guys at your party probably had a hard time keeping their eyes from misting up during that big reunion.

There were several spots that got the thumbs up for comedy (Taco Bell’s “Viva Young”, Kia’s “Where Do Babies Come From, Doritos’ “Goat For Sale”), but two of my favorites were Tide’s “Miracle Stain” (of Joe Montana’s face) and the NFL Network’s “Leon Sandcastle” commercial staring Deion Sanders.

Quite a few ads played the middle and didn’t really register. Most people have already forgotten the Budweiser Black Crown spots, and the Amy Poehler Best Buy ad and Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan for Samsung commercial all seemed to fall flat.

But there is one spot that will be burned in my brain forever! The visuals were bad enough, but the audio will haunt my dreams. I am, of course, talking about the GoDaddy ad featuring super model Bar Refaeli and super nerd “Walter” (actor Jessie Heiman) making out in the lip smackiest way possible. Someone described it as the sound you hear when stirring a bowl of macaroni and cheese. Most people hated the commercial, but GoDaddy certainly got their money’s worth as far as publicity is concerned.


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