Mirza Teletovic Airball’s Three Straight Shots

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By: Evan Jankens

As the Snicker’s commercials say “wanna get away?” That is most likely the way Brooklyn Nets Forward Mirza Teletovic felt after airballing three straight shots in 39 seconds in Wednesday’s win over the Detroit Pistons. The first time down he airballed a three from the wing — and then blew on his hands because that was the problem, right? Greg Kelser joked that one of these days they will take away a point for an airball. Next time down the floor Teletovic tried to get a little closer to the rim and took a fade away, which was also — you guessed it — an airball. Watching the game live, I figured there was no way he could shoot the ball again and yet again, oh, I was so wrong. Teletovic jacked up yet another three and he had the same result: AIRBALL.

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