Ain’t Nobody Got Time For A Toothache!

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billmcallister b) Bill McAllister
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By: Bill McAllister

You may remember back in April of 2012, the world was introduced to Sweet Brown. She was the lady who gave an Oklahoma City newscaster the lowdown on an apartment fire. Please take a moment to absorb internet gold…

Well, she’s back! Sweet Brown has turned her ‘woman on the street’ eyewitness report into some World Wide Web Fame. She’s currently appearing in a television ad for an Oklahoma dentist’s office. Unfortunately, you can only see it in Oklahoma but I’m sure SB will eventually be doing national spots. Maybe for Imodium, “Diarrhea?…Ain’t nobody got time for that!” or maybe Lotrimin Ultra, “Jock itch?..Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

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