By: Terry Foster

My first reaction was to scream bloody murder when the Tigers got rid of $5 ticket prices. Those tickets now cost between $12 to $20. It prices out poor families that could by tickets for $5 and get parking for $5. It was a great deal.

But the Tigers are trying to win a World Series with a high profile and high pay roll team. It is exactly what the Tigers fan base wants so you have to pay for it. That is the price of business. Winning gets expensive especially when you are trying to compete with the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers.

These clubs spend and usually win. If you want to fight them you must do it with green.
The Tigers will also charge premium, regular and value. So when you go on line watch for the three tiers of pricing so you are not surprised when you get charged on your credit card.

A caller suggested that the Tigers jack prices up by $25 on premium seats and leave the rest of the prices alone. That is not a good idea. Everybody must share.

It is great having a team that features Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder. But you have to pay. You cannot have $5 seats with this payroll. If you want $5 go to Kansas City. Oh wait. The Royals don’t have $5 seats either.

I just wonder how much a Tiger dog will cost now.


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