Okay, kids, here you will find better than a dozen cool new stories from the incredibe world of high tech. Enjoy!

* Don’t forget our Thursday, Feb. 28 event at Lawrence Technological University on BYOD — Bring Your Own Device — management. If you have to manage all those people bringing in devices, or you are an employee with a device who’d like the IT kingpins at work to all you to use it, sign up now at this link.

* There’s no longer any doubt. The United States is under cyberattack by China.

* The Next Big Thing would appear to be smartwatches. Here’s a who’s who of this infant industry. (And by the way, remember when watches were dead because the kool kids all kept time on their cell phones? The kool kids have changed their minds.)

* And here’s a look ahead at what to expect at Sony’s PlayStation 2013 rollout on Feb. 20.

* Bill Gates does a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) and proves that, yes indeedy, he’s still brilliant and quirky. (I’ve only been in a room with him once. He kinda reminded me of Gilligan with an IQ of 300.)

* Watch as NASA launches another Earth-watching study satellite into a polar orbit, where it’ll be able to view the entire planet. LOVE the onboard video, which is obscured at first by snow shaking off the rocket, chilled by onboard liquid oxygen, but then thankfully the snow sublimates away in the frigid, dry upper atmosphere. Someday, dammit, I’d love that view in real life.

* The iPhone 5 trails four Android phones for user satisfaction, according to a new report.

* Here’s a look at how folks on the East Coast used social media to weather the big storm over the weekend.

* Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon U is asking for triple damages against a Bermuda chipmaker, Marvell Technologies, for willful patent infringement.

* The Department of Energy decides to toss $20 million for advanced cybersecurity tools to help protect the nation’s energy supply.

* Professors at top research universities are deeply skeptical of the need for advanced technology in their classrooms, according to a new study.

* Here is why Dell thinks going private is the best move for the company.

* Scientists want your help naming the moons of Pluto.

* Very cool — same day launch and delivery from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to the ISS.

* Home Depot’s switch to iPhone short-circuits BlackBerry’s stock.

* And BlackBerry’s Alicia Keys tweets — from an iPhone — claiming a hack.

* Tesla’s Elon Musk lambasts a New York Times article criticizing his EVs’ battery life.

* Here’s the tech side of Toy Fair 2013. Fun!

* And attention iOS users: Here’s a new game based on The Hunger Games. (Or as one headline writer put it, Katniss goes to FarmVille.)

* TV hackers use the emergency broadcast system of a Montana TV station to announce a zombie apocalypse. Jeez, and to think I used to be terrified of EBS warnings about global thermonuclear war.


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